Text review

When you yourself have written a document in your own language or in a foreign language, you may need an in-depth review of it to ensure quality.

Text review

If you have written a text in your own language or in a foreign language, and you need an in-depth review to ensure quality, Sprint can offer you a text revision service for orthography, grammar, terminology, etc. in several languages. Our text review/correction team is comprised of professionals who only work in their native tongue and are furthermore adequately qualified, with proven experience and specialisation in their fields.

We have extensive editing experience through work done for the EU's Directorate General for Translation, universities, foundations, companies, etc. Texts sent to us for editing purposes include scientific/technical articles, research publications, technical reports, advertising material, books, etc.

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Frequent questions

The quickest thing is to send us an email attaching the document you need to review, indicating what type of review you need and if there are any criteria that we must apply, as in the case of scientific journals. We will then send you an approximate quote and deadline, which must be formalized through order confirmation.

The price of a text review is calculated based on the length, language, difficulty and deadline, so each revision job must be budgeted individually. Payment can be made in our offices or by digital means. Sometimes, a partial payment in advance may be required to guarantee delivery.

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