Sworn/official translation

A sworn translation is an official translation with legal validity done by a sworn translator, authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.

Sworn/official translation

Our sworn translators and interpreters are professionals appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and they guarantee the accuracy and veracity of translations.

If you are required to provide an official/sworn/certified translation, you need the services of a sworn translator. At Sprint we have sworn translators for practically all European languages. They are specialised in subject matters such as law, economics, medicine, etc. and can handle a wide range of topics and documents.

Documents from a foreign country require legalisation from that country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy or Consulate, etc., prior to getting them translated into Spanish.

business approve and certificate concept, confirmation of business marketing document permit and certified stamping, signing on business partner paper to success, or concept of attorney and insurance

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The following are some of the documents for which a sworn translation is normally required

Sworn translations are legally construed as public documents and therefore have an official bearing. We undertake sworn translations from and into most languages.


Frequent questions

The quickest thing is to send us an email attaching the document you need translated. If it is a physical document, do scan the document on a printer so that it can be read correctly in its entirety, including the margins, stamps and other elements it may have. We will then send you an approximate quote and deadline, which must be formalized through order confirmation

The price of sworn translations is calculated based on the length, language, difficulty and deadline, which is why each translation must be budgeted individually. Payment can be made in our offices or by digital means. Sometimes, a partial payment in advance may be required to guarantee delivery.

A sworn translation is a translation that has legal validity, both in Spain and abroad. It must be done by a sworn translator, authorized by the Administration. Documents that usually require a sworn translation are: birth, marriage or death certificates, notarial powers and deeds, academic certifications, criminal record certificates, company memorandum and articles of association, etc.

The apostille process consists of placing an Apostille or annotation on a public document to certify the authenticity of the signature placed on documents issued in a country that is a signatory of the XII Hague Convention, of October 5, 1961. This effectively eliminates the requirement for Consular Legalization of Foreign Public Documents

Thus, documents issued in a signatory country of the Convention that have been certified by an Apostille are recognized in any other country of the Convention without the need for another type of authentication. For more information, consult the website of the Ministry of Justice. Ministry of Justice.

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